I've got several novels sitting around so I decided to self-publish them. 
Coming Soon - Nothing to Fear

If you like a comic novel that’s dumb-as-dogshit, then NOTHING TO FEAR is for you. NOTHING TO FEAR is the episodic story of what happens when the dumbest guy on the planet becomes President. Okay, so truth is better than fiction and I can’t come up with comic antics like the current Prez, but as far as fiction goes, this story’s pretty funny too.


When Vice-President J. Junior Worthy accidentally pulls the plug on the ailing President, he lands the top job. Junior is the biggest joke on the Hill and no one wants to serve with him, so the Speaker of the House, Tip Murphy, fakes multiple personalities to get out of the Vice-President gig. His attempt to weasel out of the job makes him the darling of the press and he spends his time parading various identities. 


Junior’s ineptness lands his approval ratings in the basement, so he holds a lottery to pick the “Voice of the People” who turns out to be an unemployed single mother from Oakland. The previous Press Secretary does his best to kill off both POTUS and FLOTUS while Junior and his squad bring the world to the brink of WWIII.  

Coming Soon - Funny Money

Two young women, broke as hell, decide to change their fortunes by robbing the US Mint.

Coming Soon - Widget Dreams

Description soon!