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It will take me some time to load up my plays - I have to clean up the formatting - check back soon.


Full-length - I'll post the first ten pages... contact me if you want the whole thing. 

  • Sugar & Spice        

  • Bad Girls        

  • Grave Undertakings

  • United We Sit


Short Plays 

  • Freedumb -  Wow, I wrote this years ago, but it may as well be about Trump. 
    Smith and Johnson blind themselves to the ugly truth about work in the dystopia.

  • Later

  • Bread and Circuses

  • Trouble in the Land of Sloth 

Radio Plays with Shoestring Radio Theatre 

  • Senior Prom Massacre, Binky spoils the prom with the boutonniere of death.

  • Back to the Rock, Alcatraz is reopened as a co-ed federal prison.

  • Sista Upper Cut, a nun must box the champ to save the orphanage . 

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