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Brewed Ambition

Get ready for a latte laughs and grande-sized drama in Brewed Ambition – a hilarious musical that's a zany spin on the Scottish play, all served up in a bustling corporate coffee shop! Meet Deuce, a bumbling busboy at Moonshot, the quirkiest coffee shop in town. He's stuck working with his BFF, Cat, and together, they've got a steaming pot of hate for the Lead Barista, Chad.

But hold onto your pricey travel mugs because things are about to get frothy! After a wild prediction from some caffeine-fueled regulars, Deuce finds himself promoted to the prestigious position of Lead Barista. As Deuce sips on the sweet nectar of power, he transforms into a java-crazed force of nature. His crush, Marjory, adds extra foam to his ambition, leading him to hatch a plan to climb the corporate ladder by, well, eliminating a few customers and colleagues.

Written by the half-caffeinated, half-WTF, BK Wells, with toe-tapping tunes by the talented Michael Turnblom, Brewed Ambition features show-stopping numbers like "Deuce," "Moonshot," "The Lead Barista," "Power Play," "A Screw Up," "I’ve Got Some Time to Kill," and many more that will leave you dancing in your seat.

Don't miss the coffee-fueled chaos, where beans are ground, and dreams are brewed up piping hot! Brewed Ambition – because sometimes, a little murder is just what your cup of joe needs!

2nd place 2023 International Search for New Musicals.


Wells & Turnblom Works In Progress:

Little Red Hen, a childrens' musical

Buzzed, a musical podcast inspired by Roger Corman's
The Wasp Woman

The Brat

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