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Brewed Ambition is a comic retelling of Macbeth, set in the world’s worst corporate coffee shop. It's the story of Deuce, a bumbling barista who dreams of becoming the manager of his own Moonshot Coffee. His shady girlfriend pushes our naïve numbskull to climb the corporate ladder by murdering his way to the top.

Deuce idolizes his manager, Boyd, who happens to run the second worst Moonshot coffee shop in the country. Boyd reinvents Deuce from a ratty busboy to the smooth Lead Barista. In that transformation, Boyd crowns Deuce with a pair of coveted Lead Barista earbuds.


That little taste of power, those earbuds, turns Deuce into a java-crazed force of nature. His girlfriend convinces him not to wait, but to take action and kill his beloved mentor so he can become manager. So, Deuce smothers his father-figure in a big fat bag of ethically sourced Columbian Robusta beans. Things kinda spiral from there.

The cast consists of eight: 3 males and 5 females. The show benefits from a diverse cast to bring the flava of coffeeshop culture. Runtime is about 90 minutes, one act, with 12 songs in various musical styles.

In the 2023 NMI International Search for New Musicals, Brewed Ambition came in #2, appropriate since it's a story about a Deuce!

Brewed Ambition - it's a latte fun!

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