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Wavin' Raven is a small imprint focused on three areas:
  • specially curated fiction
  • biography or memoir from historically underrepresented voices, including African American, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQ and others
  • works focused on social justice; these are typically educational works, though they do not need to be focused on traditional education.
  • Our authors include KimShree Maufas, Dwight Peattie, Dorothy Poston, Charlee Tompkins, BK Wells and Linda Wells.

KimShree Maufas - 10/11 - Coming 2021
On October 11, 2002, a small San Francisco high school on the South East side of town, a School Resource Officer called for Police support to help break up a school fight between two students. The law enforcement response was that 126-armed SFPD Officers in special-weapons-and-tactics gear and SF Sheriffs in riot and tactical gear with full Helicopter, Ambulatory, and Fire Department support.  Eye-witness testimony noted police hurled racial slurs and laughed as they brutalized the Black and Brown students and many of their teachers. How could a school fight turn into the 2nd largest police invasion of a school campus in the history of the United States?

Dwight Peattie - Cupcakes in Love and War - Coming November 2020

A woman and a warship from World War II share the same name. They also share some history.

An elderly woman regularly see the same college student studying on a beach with treacherous access and cantankerous weather in the city of San Francisco. He’s an extraordinary young man who’s willing to listen, wanting to learn…who doesn’t expect his life to change, all because of a young girl whose love-at-first sight relationship with a sailor during World War II endured, spiraling through and affecting other lives decades later. That’s what a terrible war does. It lives on in others, and sometimes it comes down to cupcakes in love and war.

Dwight Peattie - On the Rim of a Dream - Coming November 2020

A renown nuclear physicist and engineer, a 60ish African-American, is needed in Thurso, Scotland’s most northern town. He’s chosen to stay in a pub that rents rooms where Dr. Ray Broles meets Catriona, a divorced barmaid in her mid-30s.
Their cultures, backgrounds, educations and paths through life couldn’t be more different. Friendship comes easy and it’s a canyon that unites them in a story of transformation, which often isn’t easy. This one is liberating and life-changing. It finds wings and soars.

About Dwight Peattie

Over a span of 50+ years, the evolution of Peattie's writing was to dabble, contemplate, then commit to work with the aim of storytelling mastery. That was the process. These are the results. He holds an Associate in Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from San Francisco State University. He is an Army veteran, a former member of Sigma Delta Chi, The Society of Professional Journalists, and enjoys composing classical music. Kentucky born, Peattie created his writer's hermitage in a Mississippi bayou where he is living out his days, playing and singing original blues arrangements on "Homer" his favorite guitar.

Dorothy Poston - Hear Me Roar - Coming 2021

They are your neighbors, family members, and friends. You work with them or attend the same church, or social club Perhaps, you can identify with them. They are victims of domestic violence.This crippling evil doesn't discriminate. It can violate someone in the cradle, or someone transitioning to the grave. It has no psychological, sociological, or economic consciousness. It rears its ugly head in the vilest way. As you read, hear the voices of male and female cries, "Hear Me Roar!" as the intensity of their stories leap from the pages, Each person shares their story of agony and abuse which compels the compassionate reader to move from awareness to action!

Charlee Tompkins - Only God Knows - Coming 2021

Chanelle Ellison is a young black girl growing up in San Francisco's Castro District in the 70s. Between the parties, the promiscuous social scene, and other temptations, people often fail her, but her faith never does. 

BK Wells - Nothing to Fear - Available now!
What happens when the dumbest guy on the planet becomes President? We’d have Nothing To Fear, of course! Junior Worthy is dumb as dog doo, but he’s Vice President. Worthy is unqualified and uninformed, and when he lands in the top spot, Congressman Tip Murphy doesn’t want to be his VP, fired Press Secretary Jim Donaldson is out to kill him, and San Francisco mom, Kennedy Jefferson, serves as a willing, but unprepared advisor. Except for that Trump thing, US politics just couldn’t be nuttier than this crazy Capitol romp!

BK Wells Funny Money - Coming November 2020

AJ Billingsley needs cash and she needs it now. If she doesn’t come up with money for her past rent, she’ll be evicted, and so will her roommate, Kim. Together, with their drag queen friend, they hatch a crazy plan to storm the San Francisco Mint and steal enough fresh cash to guarantee their happily ever after. Unfortunately, they didn’t consider the reinforced concrete building, the electric fence, or the 850,000 participants of the 2004 San Francisco Pride Parade.wo

Linda Wells - Get Happy! - Coming 2021

Learn to use the power of positive psychology to increase your well-being. This user's-guide helps you foster more satisfaction from your life, whether you're a happy-camper or a surly curmudgeon. Filled with strategies, stories and support! 


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